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God Makes All Things Beautiful in It's Time

I was hiking in the woods on an autumn day. The green deciduous leaves of the large trees in the park were transforming into a fusion of variegated hues of gold, russet, amber, and crimson. A scant amount of stubborn leaves remained snuggled and cozy as they firmly clung to their branches. Others tumbled willingly in uneven patterns and concentric circles at the command of the wind. Acquiescing to their fate, they floated serenely upon the sepia-colored quilt of foliage that carpeted the jagged terrain.

Ancient oaks with weathered bark and nearly skeleton boughs appeared limp and abandoned without the companionship of their friendly foliage. Massive roots protruded and danced in and out of the soil like an elaborate labyrinth; searching for life sustaining water and nutrients, while firmly anchoring the colossal trees to the hard ground.

Wispy spider webs clung lethargically from twisty branches and overhanging limbs and drowsily wafted back and forth to the cadence of the brisk afternoon breeze. The wind was crisp like a shirt with too much starch. It carried an earthy, pungent odor of rotting leaves and the faint remains of a spooked skunk and his putrid scent.

The sun was trying, but failing, to burn its way through a dense covering of bleak cloud cover. The air held a thick shroud of moisture, as it often does in-between rainstorms. The path was damp, the rocks slippery. The sound of the river flowing freely downstream guided me further down the trail. The wind picked up and it suddenly had a different feel to it. I shivered a bit and was glad I had worn a jacket. As I looked around, surrounded by the evidence of autumn, it was hard to believe that summer was over.

It got me thinking about time and seasons; how cyclical the earth moves, and how predictable. “How there is a time for everything, and a season for everything under the heavens.” (v.1).

The whole time I was walking, I felt this sense of urgency and dread. This feeling enveloped me that time is fleeting, and I along with it. I felt like I had to hurry and accomplish something, as if the days were speeding up, and running out. I was getting older; I was heading into a new season of my life.

As the sun peeked through the canopy, I remembered that someone once said that all we have is today, nothing else is guaranteed. The seasons will come and go, and I may or may not move with them—but I have today. I also remembered that my time here on earth is, but a speck of dust, compared to what is waiting for me in eternity.

I know that as you are reading this, you may be in a different season of your life than I am. Whatever season that is, remember that Proverbs 27:1 tell us, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

Maybe this is what has brought you to a spiritually dry place. Perhaps you are regretting something from a past season, maybe you are worried about a new season that is coming, or complacent and unhappy in the season you currently are in.

There is a season for everything under the sun. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:34 not to worry about tomorrow, the issues of today are sufficient.

My dear friend just remember this as you move through this day and through this season. He makes ALL things beautiful in its time.

Excerpt from: "Abundant Reign"